Interview With Grey Season

Waking up early on a typical hungover Sunday becomes half as bad when it's a beautiful day outside. When you end up seeing a brilliant performance by a band...

Interview: LUMI and the Great Comeback

Although it's easy to think it's all been done before, there's something new, fresh and exciting about Lebanese duo LUMI, an electro-pop and glam punk band comp...

The Instrumental That Introduced The Drum Solo to Rock

Ginger Baker is mostly known for his work with a band that went by the name of Cream. You might recognize the lead guitarist of this band, Eric Clapton. Cream was short-lived (1966 - 1968) but its legacy and influence on the history of Rock 'N' Roll are immense. Despite the fact that Ginger Baker hated to be called a Rock drummer (his idols were Jazz legends such as Max Roach and Art Blakey), the musical impact he created reached greats like Carlos Santana, Johnny Rotten and Stewart Copeland....


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