I’m waiting for the day someone finally tells us that our current state is due to a nationwide Milgram experiment. Finding out that you are a lab rat is easier than admitting that you were/are a victim.
Thinking that people are acting in their agentic state is easier than admitting that people in their autonomous state are capable of committing such atrocities. Until then, press play.

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1. AaRON – Les rivieres

2. LAUREL – Scream Drive Faster

3. FUR – Waiting On You

4. Alex Kapranos & Clara Luciani – Summer Wine

5. Lee Fields & The Expressions – Thinking About You

6. Angel Olsen – Whole New Mess

7. Juniore – Drôle d’histoire

8. Gregory Porter – Mister Holland

9. Raphaël – Maquillage Bleu

10. ARTEMIS – Big Top