Beach House… Do they really need an introduction? What’s for certain is that they are not famous enough in comparison to their talent.

Victoria & Alex, Beach House

Beach House is Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. Their artistic complicity is what drives the band. First, on record, of course, we feel it because there’s one consistency in their music: they don’t have a bad song. Second, you can also see that complicity in the way they are during their shows. Smiling, joking lightly… being humans. Also, check out how they answered the questions of Stereogum.

Teen Dream, Bloom, Depression Cherry

Beach House released 3 albums between 2010 and 2015. Teen Dream, Bloom and Depression Cherry. Their “Holy Trinity”, five years of music to fill a life with emotions. Each LP has its own univese, but each is a 10/10. ‘Walk in the Park‘ is a delight, ‘Wishes’ is incredible. And ‘Space Song‘… well! If you want to get into them, you can listen to these three albums, in any order. You’ll be hooked but you’ll have a favorite.

7 Girls

7 is the newest of their albums. More shoegaze, like on the opening track ‘Dark Spring’. But of course they kept the Beach House touch. ‘Drunk in LA’ is one of their best single ever. They even have some lyrics in french for ‘L’inconnue‘. The whole album is strong and can be listened to in full.

What’s next for Beach House?

BH! Whether you’re indifferent, or you are a superfan. What next? First, we hope for a new record. Anything. even if it’s a B-Sides album, like the last one with the haunting’Chariot’. I can already feel, smell and pour love into their next album. And of course, we want a tour. But most of all we want a tour, even if without new material.

For more information, you can visit their website or Revolver’s Top 15.