We Got to Go Now, but the Beat Goes On

This feels weird. Okay, let’s do it. Will make this short and sweet, as it's being written with a heavy heart. Revolver’s journey started in 2013, as a q...

The War on Drugs: Top 12 Songs

For a band that named itself after one big failing war, they sure have not failed in delivering some of the best music of the 21st century (sorry couldn't help ...

Vampire Weekend: Top 15 Songs

Following a 6-year hiatus, Vampire Weekend is back with a highly anticipated new album, Father of the Bride. For the past decade, the band's music has been an o...


Bernie was stuck in the 1960s when an epiphanic guitar hit him in the head. He woke up realizing there’s more to life than amazing rock’n’roll, so he founded Revolver. He loves digging for stories and writing investigative pieces only he'll enjoy reading. He also just realized he loves illeism.