Growing up in Lebanon has always been an exotic experience. From your over-friendly or overly-aggressive relatives, to the street-side barbecues and random outbreaks of dabke routines in family dinners. Not to mention raw meat and arak breakfasts wearing a ripped white flannel top.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, and go over some of the tunes that defined our childhood in Lebanon. You might be too old/young for some of the entries. Feel free to share in the comments which songs remind you of your childhood.


Captain Majed (Intro Song)


Who doesn’t remember the guy we all tried to imitate at one point in our childhood? Some of us broke their back trying to do that damn double kick, and others embarrassed themselves by trying to rock a Captain Majed hairdo.. ending up with an 80s ‘Alaa Zalzali’ mullet.

You recognize the stadium that spans over half the globe or the banana-shaped ball more than the actual intro song though. Worry not, we’re here to refresh your memory.

Kif w laysh (Intro Song)


“Keef w Leish, ana baddi ifham?” The reason we all brush our teeth on a daily basis.

P.S. That Kousa the girl is eating for lunch is damn delicious.


Pokemon (Intro Song)

If you didn’t sing this song on top of your lungs every time it was on, did you really live your childhood? It’s not just one of the greatest cartoon songs, it’s one of the greatest songs of all time. EVER.


Mini Studio – Sucette


I was looking for the intro song but couldn’t find it anywhere. So here’s to your lollipop friend.


Belle et sebastien (Intro Song)


I just have a blurry memory of this cartoon. But I do remember that it was awesome.


Trois petits chats


How brilliant is this song? How brilliant is the animation? You dirty, dirty three little pussies.


Grendizer (Intro Song)

I was born a bit too late to remember Grendizer vividly. But I know how much it means for the guy that actually remembers the civil war.


Chantal Goya – Ce Matin

I think Chantal Goya is still touring. When we were kids, I remember being told she was a grandma. She must be a 100 years old now maybe?


Maria Mercedes (Intro Song)

A specific date plays a separating point here. Any person born before that date, belongs to the Maria Mercedes generation. Anyone born after it, belongs to the Rosalinda one (next entry).


Rosalinda (Intro Song)

I think Thalia should be given the Ordre National du Cèdre award.


Tele Liban – Aban 3an Jad

This is truly a beautiful production. Seeing how everything that came out on Lebanese TV was in that period, it was definitely ahead of its time. Let us hear your TL jokes now.


Chara’et Shams El LBC

That was during the period when LBC made such a big deal of the fact that they are now on satellite. As a kid, I compared that to the giant Neil Armstrong leap. Hey what do you expect if they advertised it as “LBC the first Lebanese channel to reach space”?

SLCHI (Intro Song)

SLCHI should have its own list. From Vendredi 13, to more recent generique, the Amin 3amin gang is one of the most creative groups that lived in our country. Not to mention, this actually became the nagging anthem: “ana ya mami baddi 2is-har!!!”


Mr. President – Coco Jumbo

This is a slightly biased entry. This song is just so 90s, my skinny jeans become so loose I start humming the Ice Baby bass line. That he totally didn’t steal.

OH and you’ve probably been looking for this song it’s been 10 years now.



W lak Magapay!



Rayovac Ad


Pierre Sadek Caricature Theme Song



More: Ghassan Rahbani – Ossetna, Oussama Rahbani – 3al Nizam, Walker Texas Ranger Theme, Baywatch Theme.


Missing: Ma elak Ella Haifa (Just couldn’t find the song anywhere 🙁 ) – Haifa, if you’re reading this, please send us a tape.

UPDATE: LBC listened to our request and just uploaded Ma Elak Ella Haifa intro song! Thank you!