Edwin Harb

Tuesday’s Migraine Cure: Crumb

Ever had an uncontrollable migraine? I might have found the cure. Coming out of a tough weekend, I'm shuffling through some discoveries I had, and trying to fig...

Punk is Not Dead: Meet SLAVES

For this week's pick I decided to turn it up a notch or 10. Whoever said Punk is dead was clearly wrong, Punk's NOT dead! From the world's best punk kingdom (t...

Weekly Pick: Ocean Alley

  Ever asked yourself how would have Pink Floyd turned out if Roger Waters was born in a seaside cabin, had coconut milk instead of being breastfed (we ...
Edwin Harb

Edwin Harb

6 ft tall. Likes long walks on the beach. Swipe right if you're into music. What do you mean my tinder bio doesn't work here?