Edwin Harb

Meet DBFC: A club, not a band

DBFC refuse to call themselves a band, and call the project a "club". I kind of understand this decision, as DBFC is not just the music, it's an attitude, an en...

French 79: House With a Touch

French musicians have been conquering the electronic territory since Francois de Roubaix set foot on Earth, followed by fellow extraterrestrials Jean-Michel Jar...

Lewis Del Mar: Onto Something

These guys are onto something. You can't deny the fact that Anthony Kiedis has a haunting voice that adds energy to any melody, gets in your ears and lives in t...
Edwin Harb

Edwin Harb

6 ft tall. Likes long walks on the beach. Swipe right if you're into music. What do you mean my tinder bio doesn't work here?