Ever asked yourself how would have Pink Floyd turned out if Roger Waters was born in a seaside cabin, had coconut milk instead of being breastfed (we do not recommend this), grew up under the Australian tender sun and was generally less angry? Probably not. But Ocean Alley are here to answer this question with their major key (mostly) psych guitar licks, reverb drenched vocals and spine shivering bass lines.

Their latest album “Chiaroscuro” released just over a week ago, proves that the Australian six-piece is not afraid to venture into musical realms that hit you hard . The record is a trip along the shores of Sydney, driving through tight drum beats, curvy Reggae guitar rhythms, passing by the tribal grounds of “Flower and Booze”, before having a final stop at the soothing, acoustic “Man You Were Looking For”.

Music from Chiaroscuro:


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