Following up to our previous article and in pursue of women behind the decks, here’s another list of seventeen female Djs who are killing it nowadays. (In Alphabetical Order)


1. Amelie Lens

amelie lens

Truly one of the most exciting export products Belgium has to offer these days – Amelie Lens is taking the scene by storm ever since releasing her solid debut EP on the Italian Lyase

Hear her set here:


2. Anja Schneider

anja sc

Her musical career began not in the DJ booth but in the radio booth as a producer for KissFM and then later as a radio persona for Fritz Radio. Armed with eclectic exceptional taste, a charming personality, and an engaging presentation style, her “Dance Under The Blue Moon” program became a stellar success. The program continues to air on Fritz Radio for the music loving masses of Berlin. It was through this medium that helped to launch her career as an international club DJ.

Hear her set here:




“ANNA is one of Brazil’s finest exports and she’s quickly climbing the ranks with her seductive yet heavy-hitting brand of techno and tech- house.” – Mixmag
ANNA creates success out of everything she turns to whether producing originals for well-respected labels, remixing top-flight acts or moving dancefloors the world over.

Hear her set here:


4. Bella Sarris

bella sarris

Bella Sarris is a Sydney native who found herself at Enter.’s Sake Bar.
She came to Ibiza for the first time when she was 18 and knew right away, that she wanted to make people dance like they do it there.  But first things first, she started as a part of Enter. PR team. And when you work with Richie Hawtin, you get into the family. Being a part of that family was a happy time for Bella, but at some point, Hawtin somehow found out that she was a DJ. Probably someone told him, or he found out by incident, but the result was that he put her to play at Sake bar alongside Hito. What it was for a young girl, we can only imagine. But the fact is, Richie Hawtin is never wrong when he gives somebody a chance.
Bella got a residency at Sake in 2013 and that was a lesson, which made her the artist she is now.

Hear her set here:




Born into this world with a love for all things creative, it was only a matter of time before we saw this artist spread her wings and shine on an international level. Born in Brazil, BLANCAh started her professional music career as a DJ 16 years ago. Since then, her natural talent and interests have quickly progressed allowing her the opportunity to explore and refine her skills

Hear her set here:


6. Debora De Luca

debora de

She met Giuseppe Cennamo, DJ and producer from Naples (Desolat – Sci + Tech – 8bit – Carillon), who led Deborah to work on her knowledge into new music genres and trends, giving shape to a charisma that immediately has worked hard with productions signed by her as Sola_mente Records label founded in March 2013 , which today relies on collaborators such as Dj Simi and Giorgio Rusconi.
Her tracks also found positive results in well-known names in the world of DJing, as Magda , Dj Ralf, Someone Else and Layo & Buswaka. Her music in a few years, became  a high quality brand, a good fusion of hard techno and minimal sounds without ever being common . All of this is synonymous with passion and strong personalit

Hear her set here:


 7. Hito


“Music allows me to explore the world to play and deliver what I feel inside me. I appreciate different cultures and expressions, and I want to share this authentic discovery with you. I hope you enjoy the music powered by MODEL 1 on 100{0ab89397c598e04c77578d408e980f9d33439bf016b050562e5be9510fd7e3ba} vinyl.” – Hito.

Hear her set here:


 8. Laurel Halo

lauren halo

“I wanted to have a positive-sounding record, for it to sound more relaxed and less anxious,” Laurel explains. “Every time I write a record, it’s partially a process of healing. It’s important to have fun through the process of healing, rather than tying those knots even tighter.” – Laurel Halo

Hear her set here:


9. Marika Rossa

marika rossa

The name of Marika Rossa, one of the most extraordinary representatives of Ukrainian dance scene, can be frequently seen on major European line-ups and at the top of Beatport charts. This talented girl is already one of the most recognizable eastern European techno DJs and part of a new breed of developing producers making a massive impact in her country’s history.

Hear her set here:


 10. Monica Kruse

monika krus

Monika Kruse is a techno DJ, producer and label boss of Terminal M. Active since 1991, she is one of Europe’s true techno pioneers and stands as one of the genre’s most loved artists.

Hear her set here:


11. Nastia


“I am not a producer. I am a true DJ. I am one of a few, who builds their music career through the performance of DJ’ing. I spend time in the studio over the last 2 years, but for now there is still not enough to present for your musical pleasure. Although producing doesn’t really interest me – I know that my best skill is at mixing records.” – Nastia

Hear her set here:


12. Oshana


Rising from humble beginnings in NYC, Berlin based Oshana has established an unparalleled identity in today’s underground scene.

Hear her set here:


 13. Pretty Pink

pretty pink

Risen from the deep & dark woods of the Harz in Germany, a charming pink lady made a serious way through the steaming and raging international club zone to manifest her belief in the very finest tunes of Nu Disco, Deep- and the most unique secret selection of House-music.

Hear her set here:


14. Rebekah


Chris Leibing invited Rebekah to do a podcast for the infamous CLR Podcast series, and this signaled the start of an ongoing relationship with the monolithic label. Kicking off 2013 by mixing “Reconnected 03” for the imprint, her summer 2013 “Cycles” EP opened her tough, dark, driving productions up to an even wider audience, and was one of the highlights of what would be the break-through year for Rebekah.

Hear her set here:


15. Sonja Moonear

sonja monear

This artist from Geneva evades easy categorization however: her sets reflect an enormous wealth of ideas and creativity and lead her to perpetually redefine her style. Her musical background, eclectic tastes and enviable record collection have made miss Moonear a much sought-after DJ.

Hear her set here:


16. Simina Grigoriu


It is impressive to see with what energy and vitality Simina Grigoriu has! She masters the balancing act between family and music. She remains true to her unique sound and is now, above all: a full-time mom with the vision to be led deeper into her music by an ever-present instinct for play.
We look forward to more from an artist who we can’t imagine the techno scene without, and for a comeback that has more than earned the moniker ‘playful’.

Hear her set here:


 17. The Black Madonna

black madonna

A sublime technician behind the decks, The Black Madonna is known for fluent and dynamic vinyl sets, which span from disco to techno. And then of course, there’s her inimitable energy, an infectious joy and ability to connect with the room, which along with her skill has cemented her as a beloved regular and crowd favorite at revered venues such as Panorama Bar. Her DJ mixes for Little White Earbuds and of course Beats In Space remain highly regarded. The latter was named #4 of Resident Advisor’s Top 10 Online Mixes for 2014 and described as, “a kaleidoscopic look on the genre that shows her taste and technical skill in equal measure. She glides through soulful strains, Italo-influenced bangers and some straight-up house…with a touch so light it sounds like the records are playing themselves.”

Hear her set here: