Naissance Musik is the brainchild label of Berlin-based Lebanese producer HEAR (Sary Sehnaoui). We have previously interviewed the artist on Revolver, and featured his exclusive set on our podcasts.

The label’s first release was “Images of a Myth“, an EP released under Dream Scoring, a collaboration between HEAR and Hakim Murphy. This was followed by “Elephantoms“, another HEAR collaboration, this time with San Proper.

This fall saw Naissance Musik’s third release, a carefully curated remix
pack of HEAR and Hakim Murphy’s Dream Scoring. The EP features four reworks and dance floor bombs from Wareika, Amir Alexandre, Yard One and Nesta.

Track one sees German Perlon trio Wareika remixing Dream Scoring’s track “Motion Currents”. It’s a twelve-minute journey of psychedelic, oriental guitar ‘Oud’ licks, acid bass and re-sung vocals from the original track.

Amir Alexandre’s ‘Gritty City Refix’ take on ‘Story Catcher’ is next in line. Expect gritty analogue synths, wobbly bass lines and cinematic strings!

Tact Recordings co-founders Yard One cover Dream Scorings’s “Blowed Out” is  up next. We’ve got floating pads and shuffled pops and clicks floating amongst the original’s heady guitar licks and billowing synth sounds.

Finally, Fantome De Nuit’s Nesta gets the closing track of the EP with a remix of “Silhouette”. A deeper take on the original, but with a nod to to the dance floor via plucked metallic hits, modulating percussion and heady atmospherics.


The ‘Images Of A Myth (Remixes)’ EP was released on Naissance Musik on November 30, 2018.



1. Motion Currents (Wareika‘s Moon Aligned Remix)
2. Story Catcher (Amir’s Gritty City Refix)
3. Blowed Out (Yard One’s Lucid Dreamshape)
4. Silhouette (Nesta’s Wavy Remix)