You either slept or woke up to the bad news of the death of the lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington and let’s admit it, his voice has accompanied most of us during the teenage rage phase. We have listened to Linkin park during the ups and downs of that time. Today and as a tribute to his lost soul, we are listing10 of their most famous songs.

Full YouTube playlist at the bottom of the article.

10. Waiting for the end

9. Faint

8. Burn it down

7. What I’ve done

6. Breaking the habit

5. Crawling

4. Bleed it out

3. Somewhere I belong

2. Numb

1. In the End


In the end, Chester has been waiting for the end. The one who saved millions but millions couldn’t save him. After he question what he has done, he was looking for somewhere to belong after he tried to break the habit, he started crawling and after he felt numb, he fainted. He tried to Bleed it out, to Burn it down, the pain, the addiction, the depression and that’s when we all lost him.  

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