Maria Sakr

BLM: 20 Songs in Solidarity

The world is on fire. A familiar battle has been re-ignited. A conflict you would think must have been resolved a long time ago—perhaps even before the firs...

Top 10 Songs From FX’s Atlanta

As a coping mechanism for the (unacceptable) delay in production of Atlanta's season 3, here's a nostalgic playlist of songs featured on the brilliant show, mak...

Passion Beats Excuses: Meet TYRO

23 year-old Tarek El Mendelek “Tyro” is living proof that when it comes to being passionate, one can be unstoppable. Currently based in Los Angeles, the Lebanes...
Maria Sakr

Maria Sakr

Writer, photographer and illustrator, where each persona comes with a soundtrack: British progressive rock, hip hop & Arabic music from the 2000's. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.