Akram Moussa

Big Thief: Top 15 songs

Big Thief has it all: catchy songs, heartbreaking ones, calm masterpieces, amazing guitar riffs... Discover our top 15 with us. Scroll down for the full You...

Arte Concert: Top 10 Sessions

Arte has been filming music for a while now. Their videos are well crafted, and we appreciate a lot the diversity of the artists they choose . Here is our top ...

Introducing: Synth Wizard M83

M83 is the brainchild of Anthony Gonzalez. Like Phoenix, or Daft Punk, the band is part of a wave of french acts that are more succesful outside of their home ...

Akram Moussa

Music lover and everything around it: concerts, festivals, soundtracks. Favorite artists: Arcade Fire, M83, The National, Radiohead, Beach House, Big Thief, Sufjan Stevens.