Yara Mrad

Going Bananas: The Powel Interview

Powel is an electronic music producer from Berlin, Germany. His sound is very distinctive and dreamy, complementing his association with All Day I Dream and cou...

12 Lebanese Labels Funking Sh*t Up

Record labels have changed a lot in the age of the digital music industry. They're not what you see in music bio-pics, the corporate layer monetizing on artists...
May Berde

May Berde: Fresh Sounds From Beirut

After watching their debut at The Ballroom Blitz during the March Takeover, I was mesmerized for weeks and I could not stop talking about them. They were featur...
Yara Mrad

Yara Mrad

Yara doesn't like bios. However, she does like tea and bands with weird names. She also kinda has a teeny tiny obsession with the Lebanese underground scene and music in general.