The wait is finally over. The Ballroom Blitz is opening its doors for yet another season of pure eargasms this Friday, October 4.

In the span of a year, the Blitz has established itself as one of the best clubs in town, offering its dance floor to audiophiles and welcoming local and international artists into its 3 rooms. Before diving any further, read up and listen to the Sounds of The Blitz in case you’re not familiar with it.

It is safe to say that the people of The Blitz set the bar (very) high, especially with their Hi-Fi Goldroom. I personally spent the summer comparing every party I went to to a night at Ballroom and I don’t recall any of them winning over the latter’s sound quality, music selection, and crowd dynamics. If you’re as eager as me to swing back into the welcoming arms of The Blitz, or if you’re excited to pop your Ballroom cherry, here’s something to make the wait a bit easier.

The Lobby

The Lobby

What’s new?

House enthusiasts, rejoice! The Lobby, the friendly floor you got used to, has a fresh new look and an even better sound system.

The curious of you who seek the eclectically satisfying sounds of The Goldroom will be happy to know that the sound system got a revamp, making it one-of-a-kind in the region.

Lovers of The Ballroom, get ready to witness the main stage becoming more modular week after week.


With the start of this new season, the people of The Ballroom Blitz invite us on a trip away from the mainstream, on to new discoveries and unfamiliar territories. Their music team promises us nights featuring everything from House to Leftfield Techno, with selectors’ sets and much more. Locals and regionals will take center stage more often than usual in the name of equal opportunities.


The Goldroom

The Goldroom

What now?

Now we wait impatiently for Friday the 4th of October.

Until then, here’s a playlist featuring this season’s headliners: