Congratulations, you have made it to the long, overdue Game of Thrones finish line.

The journey was tough, filled with (where to begin?) incest, wine, wars, deaths… oh, so many of them, resurrections, freaking dragons, friend-zones, and randomly finding Ed Sheeran singing around a small bonfire, roasting a rabbit. You made it through all that. We made it.

In that honour, here’s a compilation of songs composed by the incredible Ramin Djawadi, sourced from all of the Thrones seasons, to purposely send chills down your spines, and sourly reminding you of events like the Red Wedding.


Scroll down for the full Spotify playlist.


The King’s Arrival – Season 1:

A beautiful string arrangement at the beginning, giving off very patriotic vibrations.


The Wall – Season 1:

A bleak song reflecting the bleak Wall.


Mother of Dragons – Season 2:

A subtle incorporation of the main theme, inlined with Dothraki-appropriate sounds.


The Rains of Castamere (by The National) – Season 2:

“The North Remembers.”


You Know Nothing – Season 3:

Now say it in your best Ygritte accent.


Mhysa – Season 3:

Bow down to the Mother of Dragons.


The Rains of Castamere (by Sigur Rós) – Season 4:

A haunting rendition of the earlier version.


He Is Lost – Season 4:

Adrenaline rush made into a song.


The Wars To Come – Season 5:

And there are so many of them.


Blood of the Dragon – Season 5:

Djawadi incorporates the main theme in a lot of the tracks, and does so (time and time again) brilliantly in this one.


The Light of the Sevens – Season 6:

This track took Djawadi the most time to compose out of all the song from Thrones.


Hold the Door – Season 6:

Rest easy, Hodor.


Shall We Begin? – Season 7:

Build up done right.


Winter is Here – Season 7:

The final one.


The Lannisters send their regards.