What else could you be doing on the plane back from your burn rather than crying over the return to dark reality after a marvelous moment spent in the dust? Listening to the amazing sets you’ve danced on, you might say. INDEED. But this is not happening as my phone got stolen..

The only things I have left are my eyes (for crying) and hands to write type, hence this is me reviving the momentum by sharing my favorite sets with you – lucky devils!


One of the most important things for me when going to a burn in life, is music. After last year’s Burning Man and the amazing sets I’ve discovered, I was unsure what to expect from Afrikaburn. Let me tell you: it was mind blowing. And I’m still struggling to put words into it. Artists brought their passion, their in-depth techniques and unique tracks from all over the world to this windy and unwelcoming desert, contributing to that special, electric atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else. Each of them, in their very own style, took us on a unique journey that they carefully crafted, immersing us in their very own world, background and culture. And this variety made this burn SO damn rich.


The 2 highlights for me were the insane Wednesday night at Cobracabana stage and the unforgettable last Saturday night at the Spirit Train – or Lobo, the part-wolf part-machine mutant train crossing the desert of Tankwa – and I can’t think of a better and more transcendent way to close such a beautiful week. Before writing further, a couple of disclaimers:

  1. Many talented artists played at AfrikaBurn, yet I could not attend all of the sets (even though we all wished there were several versions of me). This list hence could – and should! – be completed with more gems. Feel free to share yours in comment 🙂
  2. I highly recommend digging into each artist’s Soundcloud to discover more of their sets. Blind-trust me on this one.


Kosa – Saturday night set at The Spirit Train

Bellville – Saturday night set at The Spirit Train


Parallels – Saturday night set at The Spirit Train (looks like this one hasn’t been posted yet… keep an eye!)


Veridium – Saturday night set at The Spirit Train

Piccaya – Friday sunrise set at Cobracabana

Lectric Licks – Friday afternoon set at The Spirit Train


Seth Schwarz‘s surprise set at Cobracabana (looks like this one hasn’t been posted yet… keep an eye!)


Rogue Fire – Thursday sunset at Cobracabana

Ben Tov – Thursday night set at Press Play

TantRut & Deep Schismic – Thursday sun-set at Ubulahnti

ZIN – Thursday night set at Pangea

TMellow & Max Kruger – Wednesday sunset at Cobracabana

DOBé – Wednesday night set at Cobracabana

Dan Inc – Wednesday night set at Press Play

Dolbytall – Monday night set at Cobracabana

Offroad – Monday afternoon set at The Spirit Train

Rammo – Night set at Cobracabana

El Bedeir – Sunrise set at Cobracabana

SVP – set at Lupis

Curt Cream – set at Lupis

MK – set at The Spirit Train

Alex Cruz – set at Space Cowboys


… aaaaaand ALL AfrikaBurn sets in their playlist here!



The take off was rough, we’ve been (and I’m still) flying high from the music, and I hope to land someday… or not. See you in Tankwa dust in 2020!