Karl Mattar

12 Awesome Christmas Songs

All sorts of musicians and bands have released Christmas songs and even albums, from The Beatles to the Fall. I originally planned to gather the saddest Christm...

Top 12 Songs By Musicians About Other Musicians

This is a list of some of my favourite songs by musicians about other musicians. Some are earnest homage, others tongue-in-cheek pastiche, but all of them feature musicians paying tribute to their musical heroes in one way or another......

Top 10 Sunday Songs

More artists sang about Sunday than about any other day of the week. From Queen to Johnny Cash, this is a list of the best songs about Sunday. By Charlie Rayne...
Karl Mattar

Karl Mattar

Karl is a singer-songwriter and musician from Lebanon. He has released albums under the names Charlie Rayne and Interbellum. He enjoys DJing and writing about music in his spare time.