In the winter of 2015, a group of friends – originally brought together by their extreme love and reverence of music – sought to create a series of events focusing on robust, banging and intelligent electronic sounds.

With a slight disregard to the over-use of genres and labels, Submotif created an environment where an artist, DJ or selector can thoroughly express their love for unconventional music whichever way they see fit. The result was two successful events, so far.

In Submotif 01, the focus was mainly on Drum’n’Bass and its many flavors with emphasis on the experimental ends of that spectrum. Three sets where played by Majula (minimal/experimental), Kro (neurofunk/technoid) and Dirge (crossbreed/hardcore).

In Submotif 02, the focus shifted to the broken end of the electronic music spectrum. Featuring sets by Lynx (techno/broken tech) Q.Ben-Sis (experimental breakbeats) and Elijah (breaks). We have feature Lynx’s set as an episode of Revolver Podcasts.

As a conclusion to the first two parties, the group is throwing a third installment.

Submotif 03’s sole aim is to consolidate the partial visions elaborated throughout 01 & 02, as stated in their event description.

“A full experience for the connoisseurs of eargasms and those with the hunger for a thumping dance-floor. Submotif 03’s sonic endeavors are modeled after the surreal backstories of cybernetic dragons; from the beat of the broken days of their birth, to the clunk and drum of their wars against humans.”

The event is being held at Moon-Hills Camp in Amez/Mayrouba, Lebanon. A stunning location overlooking the valleys of Qamez; a 20 minute ride from Mayrouba to an above-the-clouds outdoor destination.

The event will feature 3D-mapping by SEEL and a Funktion1 sound system.

The nine-DJ line-up cooked up for 03 includes Lio, Lynx, Elijah, Ceasar K., Dao, Kro, Dirge, Majula and Jøøl; and will be dabbling in the sonic wizardry of Drum & Bass, Experimental/Minimal, Neurofunk, Crossbreed, Techno, Minimal Techno, Broken Tech, Experimental Breakbeats and Acid Breaks. The aim will be to deliver a nine-hour long, dance-floor banging, surreal experience.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on this one.

Check out the Facebook event. 

Submotif 03 // 27.08