For 5 years now, überhaus has been committed to transforming casual clubbing into an experience of vertigo. From introducing grand architectural structures at their venues, to incredible sound systems and top notch lineups every single time. This has earned the club a global landmark status.

It was always a simple, yet effective formula to create an iconic clubbing experiences that last till way after sunrise. Today, they’re taking it even further to prove dance music is inclusive for everyone.


After sending out a survey asking what The Gärten frequenters think is a fair entrance fee, the crew have decided to cut the price in half for the rest of the summer. The Gärten’s conviction that music should be accessible for all have yielded a new pricing of $15.

#15ISFAIR is the new direction of the club. Everyone will get the chance to experience what The Gärten is all about.

Quality electronic music was not made to be enjoyed by a select few, it rather is a cathartic platform for everyone.