Etyen is a Lebanese music producer who has been making bodies move to his tunes for quite some time now, raising eyebrows in reaction to his unorthodox music style, and lighting up faces while hands are thrown in the air at live shows. 

He released his EP Kayen a few months ago and he’s here today to announce its trifold Remixes EP, featuring a modular self-remastering, Pomme Rouge‘s take on it, and a taste of Ziad Moukarzel‘s crazy music skills. 

Each one of the tracks is unique in terms of styles and genres, but they share one thing in common: a similar hardware approach in the production. 

Kayen Modular Edit (by Etyen himself) was made using a modular setup of just one drum machine, a sequencer and a modular synthesizer performed as a live. Pomme Rouge brought out their drum machines, synthesizers, and analog gear and switched things up à la Alex & Joy style. Ziad Moukarzel’s approach reflects his way of doing music for years: unexpected, controversial yet truly enjoyable. 

This EP lays the ground for a series of releases featuring some of the best electronica artists from Lebanon and the region on the new label founded by Mr Etyen himself under the name of Thawra Records with the goal of supporting forward-thinking artists and highlighting artists from the region who have been largely under-represented.

Now, before you jump to conclusions and assumptions, here’s a note from the founder regarding the name of the label:

Thawra Records was created in September 2019, and while we have been actively participating and could not be more pro and in support of our dear revolution that started on October 17, our label and its name are in no way related and purely coincidental. Choosing the name “Thawra” stemmed from our belief that the act of creation is an act of rebellion in itself, especially in a region where censorship is rampant, personal freedoms are compromised and identity is threatened. Art is resistance, and it is rebellious and it means a new hope, and the potential for greatness. And in the face of adversity, it can only be achieved by coming together, celebrating differences and sharing our ideas and creativity, and this goes hand in hand with the ethos of our label; nurturing a community of free people united in their passion for music and not afraid to question the status quo. Finally, a revolution is also a full-circle conclusion and beginning – like the revolution of the earth around the sun – and after years of learning, exchanging and growing our community of artists, thinkers, and creatives, it was time to birth a new cycle and begin our journey with Thawra Records. That said, we will continue to fight the good fight against oppression, as citizens, and continue to be true to ourselves as artists and creatives while we navigate through these trying times.

Here’s the much-praised EP for you to enjoy while washing your hands, working from home, doing laundry, or doing experimental yoga: