Team Revolver

Chasing Shadows with Lazzy Lung

Lazzy Lung evolved from being frontman Allan Chaaraoui's solo project in 2006 into the well-acclaimed Indie Rock band it is today. With 4 awards and 3 albums un...

A Day in the Life of Kōzō

It was a relatively sunny (yet very windy) day on the morning of April 14th, when I headed out to the city of Batroun in order to meet up with the members of th...

Tindersticks: Top 10 Songs

  Nottingham, 1991, the members of the band Asphalt Ribbons formed the band we know today, Tindersticks. Over the course of 11 studio albums since their...

Team Revolver

What started as a personal quest to explore and discover music turned into a community of music lovers sharing their passion for the types of music they like. Today, Revolver is an open platform for anyone with a peculiar interest in music, to share and consume music through lists, podcasts and videos. We’d like to provide you with an alternative vision and an intricate taste that will help shape an art that has been conquered by views and a hunger for clicks. We’re basically like the Voice but believe that an artist can have a shitty voice and still be a goddamn genius.