Some of the most famous revolutions in history have been soundtracked by timeless songs and music. While Lebanon is revolting against its corrupt regime, its citizens have turned its squares and streets into festival stages, and the music they’ve been blasting and chanting has been… let’s say, quite unusual.

From traditional Lebanese songs (Fairuz, Ghassan Saliba, Majida and more), to the most creative use of Bob Azzam’s Ya Mustafa, the people have shown a true creative sense of protesting. We curated a 30-track playlist consisting of national songs, hip hop anthems, and everything in between.

This YouTube playlist is a salute to all the young souls fighting for Lebanese people’s right to live, and a celebration of everyone fighting oppressive powers

(Find the full tracklist below the YouTube link)



Ahmad Kaabour – Ounadikom
Ghassan Saliba – Ahl el Ard
Bachar Mar-Khalife – Marea Negra
Ziad Rahbani – Nashid el Thawra
Sabah – Te’la w tet’ammar ya Dar
Zaki Nassif – Raje3 Yet3ammar
Marcel Khalife – Enni Khtartouka ya Watani
El Rass, Bu Nasser Tuffar – Beirut Khana’etna
Eben Foulen & Rayess Bek – Madinet Beirut
Tania Saleh – Ya Wled
Mashrou’ Leila – Lil Watan
Muqata’a – Hafl Tanakuri
El Rass – Achhadou
Majida el Roumi – Saqata el Kinaa
Oussama Rahbani – Lezem Nghayyer el Nizam
Ziad Rahbani – Aal Nizam
Fairuz – Bi Oulou Zghayyar Baladi
Shabjdeed – Kohol w Aatme
Mashrou’ Leila – Im Imbililah
Zeid and the Wings – General Suleiman
Bob Marley – Get Up Standup
The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize
Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name
Muse – Uprising
A Tribe Called Quest – We the People
Joan Baez – We Shall Overcome
Jenno w Notto
SL CHI – Lebanese Dream
Baby Shark
Bob Azzam – Ya Mustapha (Hela Hela Ho)
Meen – Banadoura