“Mashrou’ Leila is a Lebanese seven-member alternative rock band. The band formed in Beirut, Lebanon in 2008 as a music workshop at the American University of Beirut. Led by frontman and co-founder Hamed Sinno, the band has released three studio albums, Mashrou’ Leila (2008), El Hal Romancy (2011), an EP, and Raasük (2013) while causing many controversies due to their satirical lyrics and themes.”
(Playlist at the bottom)

By Elio Tayeh

15. Im Bimbillila7

14. Fasateen

13. Raksit Leila

12. El Hal Romancy

11. Imm El Jacket

10. Habibi

9. Lil Watan

8. Abdo

7. Bahr

6. Wa Nueid

5. Ala Babo

4. Inni Mnih

3. Ma Tetrekny Heik

2. Bishof

1. Shim El Yasmine


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