Charbel Geagea

Sabah: 15 of the Diva’s Songs

This is not a list of the top 15 or essential 15 tracks by Sabah. It is roughly impossible to summarize the Lebanese diva’s more than 3,000 songs repertoire int...

Junior Boys: Top 10 Songs

Junior Boys are an electropop duo founded back in 1999 in Hamilton, Canada. Jeremy Greenspan and Johnny Dark first started the band until Dark decided to pursue other projects. After several rejections, KIN Records were impressed with their demo and asked for more work from Greenspan who, then, started collaborating with engineer Matt Didemus......

10 Essential Music Scenes from Films of This Decade (so far)

You're at the movie theater watching a film and you're liking it. Suddenly, a track slowly starts to pick up and makes its way into the scene, you feel the music to your core and you can finally identify with the characters. At times you know the track and you feel part of the plot, other times, you like the music so much you want it to be played as a background to your life....
Charbel Geagea

Charbel Geagea

Charbel is always looking for new music and new artists that he landed on Revolver where he actually does that. He's Sisyphus aspiring to be cool.