I club. A lot. I do it because it’s part of my job, I do it because I love it. I’m going to spare you the gibberish of music as a transformative experience and skip the politics that come with the word “rave” and jump right to it.

Sometimes, when I’m at the club, in the middle of “organized” noise, I actually look for a break. I search for silence but not just that. Sometimes, I switch my ears off and allow my mind to cue a track that makes that one particular moment my own. That’s the first layer to this playlist; music over music.
Like so many out there, my mind kind of exists in a cinematic bubble where I try, as much possible, to turn every day incidents into “cinema.” I’m either emulating a talking head from Parks and Recreation, mentally building scenery like in one of Malick’s shots or pretending I’m in a clubbing scene as they’re usually so visually yummy (ref: Sauvage, Victoria, Unorthodox, etc.) This takes me back to this playlist.

For the past couple of weeks, I missed going to the club and listening to techno that’s much louder than my own thoughts. Instead of exploring more hard-hitting techno, I decided to make use of the silence in confinement, to close my eyes and visualize my own personal shot to any of these 10 tracks, cued just when the beat is about to drop.