This week, we have the honor to add one of our favorite DJ/Producers to our Revolver Podcasts line-up. Cheh has been a busy bee lately, blasting his beats on dancefloors around the world, yet he gave us the pleasure of contributing a one hour set to our sonic project.

Established in the mean streets of Beirut, DJ and Producer Abdalla Chahine, aka Cheh, began his sonic journey within a wide array of culture and pumping music scene. Both inspired and motivated by the city and global influences, Cheh set out to spread his selections and later on own rhythms to like minded individuals and enthusiasts.

In terms of live jockeying, Cheh takes on dub techno, minimal techno and techno, and has performed at events & venues in the likes of Lizdas (Kaunas, Lithuania), Goodwill festival (Stockholm, Sweden), The Flying Circus(Stockholm, Sweden) Minimal Effort (Beirut, Lebanon), Tundra Festival, (Varena, Lithuania), Silver Factory (Beirut, Lebanon), Clique (Dubai, UAE), sub-culture (Dubai, UAE), Platz Fur Tanz (Riga, Latvia) & Groove On The Grass (Dubai, UAE), sharing the decks with world-renowned artists such as Ida Engberg, Gaiser, Carl Craig, Simon Baker, Miss Sunshine, Recondite and numerous others.

As for music production, Cheh explores dirty, glitchy, percussive and dubby sounds,while engaging in collaborations to expand his musical horizons.

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