Born into a family with a remarkable music repertoire, Bachar Mar Khalife (son of Marcel Khalife) broke the cultural and language barriers and created his own musical identity. His music spans different styles and genres, including classical, jazz, electronic, oriental and more.

Keeping this versatile style in mind, we asked Khalife to curate for us a mixtape of everything and everyone that influenced him as an artist. The result is unsurprisingly rich and diverse, a clear sign of the unique sounds he created throughout his career, sounds marked by a refined fusion of styles and genres.

The playlist below serves as a short visit to the artist’s upbringing, culture, entourage, and musical mind. Expect to hear classical (Bach), Rap (2Pac), Rock (Nirvana, Bowie), Electronic (Bodzin), Oriental (Marcel Khalife, Ziad Rahbani) and more.

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