The internet is a sea of valuable information of all accumulated human knowledge where we can delve into any subject known to man and learn every single detail about it without leaving our bedrooms. If used properly, we can all become nuclear physicists and create a Utopia of quantum power where the monetary system becomes void because we do have all the knowledge and technology as humans to satisfy all our human needs while preserving the planet’s natural resources and without any wars. It’s all there at our fingertips. But you’re idiots. We are all idiots. Around 30% internet data transfers is p**n. You can only imagine what the remaining 70% is. One of the main attractions of the internet is the amount of funny stuff on there. Including a bunch of artists dedicated to making funny music. Here’s a selection of my favorite tracks.

12. Daveyboyz – Heavy Metal Farmer 

One of my favorite heavy metal anthems!

11. Rodney Carrington – Dear Pen*s

A classic.

10. Dr. Demento – Dead Puppies

Say no to animal abuse, because dead puppies aren’t much fun.

9. Stephen Lynch – Craig Christ

Jesus gets a lot of credit for his miracles, but have you heard of Craig.. his brother?

8. Jon LaJoie – High as F**k

I can’t even remember what this song was about..

7. Bloodhound Gang – A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper is Crying

This is a very deep song, literally.

6. Lonely Island – I Threw It On The Ground

If your dad is not a phone, you would love this!

5. Stephen Lynch – You Caught Me Spankin’ It

We’ve all been there.

4. Jon LaJoie – Everyday Normal Guy 2 

If you’re just a regular everyday normal motherf**ker.. you will relate to this song.

3. Lonely Island – Like A Boss

You all have used the term ‘like a boss’, this is what started it all.

2. Stephen Lynch – If I Were Gay

If you were gay, lots of things would’ve been different. Stephen here highlights the most important ones.

1. Jon LaJoie – F**k Everything

I know you all don’t give a fu*k, but this guy gives the lowest amount of f*ck that’s humanly possible!

I know I missed out on a lot, please post your suggestions in the comments section. Or you can be a smartass and post stuff like: “worst list ever I cant believe the blablabla song didn’t make the list.”

You can listen to the playlist here: