I’m great at making lists of things to do…not so great at actually doing them, so without further ado – this list of top 10 NPR Tiny Desk Concerts in no particular order and for reasons ranging between amazing musical performance to quirky and kitsch, strange and/or one-hit wonder-ful.

By Manal Moukaddem


The Suffers

So much damn soul.

Diane Coffee

So much damn drama.



Because why not when simple can sound so good.


Chris Thiles

Any NPR video with Chris Thiles in it (check him with Yo-Yo Ma!) is amazing – and this one has birthday cake!


I have yet to understand why I keep revisiting this one when I find it as irritating as it is compelling, but I guess that’s what makes it so memorable

Andra Day

If for no other reason than the guy in the black on the keys in the first track

Los Hacheros

HOT OFF THE PRESS! This just made it on my list of favorites, I want to befriend them all and throw bbq-dance-fiestas with their families.

Beauty Pill

Strange geeky future electro-rock

Juana Molina

Smoothest most understatedly cool rocker

Dan Deacon

Tiny desk concert on crack

If you were wondering what was in the place of Los Hacheros *sigh* I’m ashamed to say they overrode Matt Berninger and Brent Knopf’s beautifully intimate duo: