More artists sang about Sunday than about any other day of the week. From Queen to Johnny Cash, this is a list of the best songs about Sunday.

By Charlie Rayne

(YouTube and Spotify playlists at the bottom)

Editor’s note: Please find at the end of the list a track called Laura’s Song. It is the work of Charlie Rayne the author of this list.

The list is no particular order.

The Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning

Small Faces – Lazy Sunday

The Chordettes – Never on a Sunday

Beirut – A Sunday Smile

Blur – Sunday Sunday

Johnny Cash – Sunday Morning Coming Down

Queen – Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

The Harptones – A Sunday Kind of Love

Nick Drake – Sunday

Joni Mitchell – Sunny Sunday


Margo Guryan – Sunny Morning

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Charlie Rayne – Laura’s Song

Charlie Rayne is a Lebanese singer-songwriter, he released his first EP Thirty Sunsets in January 2013.