Hadi Zeidan is a Paris-based Lebanese musician and producer. He presents solo concerts featuring pre-recorded compositions of Arabic music, electronics, oriental percussions and live-synths.
Zeidan is playing in Beirut this coming Wednesday, and he submitted for Revolver his soundtrack for former lovers. You can find the full playlist right after the intro.




  1. Onewho loves another, especially one who is involved in a romantic or sexual relationship with another.
  2. lovers A couple who are in love with each other.


«Each (former) lover has their special story, perfume, memories etc. .

Here-below are the soundtracks of a few.

Their compilation serves for melancholic moments. Or for sexual memories. Or any other emotion proper to a particular mistress/sweetheart.

Initials written above the tracks serve as a tribute to them.



Full YouTube playlist:


1. M.C.
Burning Hearts – Into the Wilderness

2. M.G.
Lescop – ‘La Forêt’

3. M.M.
Husbands – Run Along, Sun

4. C.L.
Hannes Smith – Mimi (Vocal Edit)

5. A.D.
Alex Turner – Piledriver Waltz

6. M.E.
Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill

7. C.G.
Kid Francescoli – “Blow Up”

8. M.F.
Agar Agar ~ Prettiest Virgin

9. A.S.
Jaakko Eino Kalevi – No End

10. Y.Q.
Gulp – Vast Space