Some of our favorite artists entered 2017 with a bang and delivered star-gazer visuals that are out of this world. From The Blaze’s unmissable jabbing mini-movie, to Leningrad’s mind-bending rewind and Bonobo’s haunting rooms, here are 10 of the best music videos of 2017.

Kolshik – Leningrad

Every once in a while, a music video comes out that completely overshadows the song it’s portraying. (Inverted version still amazing, find it here)


Directed by Ilya Naishuller


The Blaze – Territory

A boxing coach, standing before a gaggle of young men, demonstrates sharp one-two punches that line up with the synth jabs of the song.

Directed by The Blaze


Ok Go – Obsession

Features 567 printers, was created over two years, uses lots of (recycled) paper.

Directed by Damian Kulash, Jr. & Yusuke Tanaka



Bonobo – No Reason

The theme of isolation being explored through a surreal series of shrinking rooms

Director Oscar Hudson


Jil – All Your Words

Youth, neon and hedonism play out in this alternate, trippy take on reality.

Directed by Anton Tammi



Con Truise – Propagation

Reminding us of the dangers of robot wives

Directed by Will Joines & Karrie Crouse


Kamasi Washington – Truth

A glorious exploration of relationships, tension and diversity.

Directed by AG Rojas



Nightmares on Wax – Back to Nature

Quintessentially Nightmares on Wax: a slowed down, exquisitely produced, emotional journey into our relationship with the natural word.

Directed by Joao Pombeiro


Michael Kiwanuka – Cold Little Heart

For the opening track from artful Michael Kiwanuka’s last album, Keith Steinfeild (Get Out, Straight Outta Compton, Atlanta) blends into a bleary urban environment.

Directed by David Helman


L I M – Rushing Guy

A double-take portrait for Milan-based electronic soloist L I M

Directed by Giorgio Calace & Karol Sudolski