Another month, another fight with the Revolver management because apparently “No, you cannot have all the songs of Flight of the Conchords as the monthly playlist.” So here you go, all the songs below are not Flight of the Conchords songs.


Stream our updated Best of 2018 Spotify playlist at the bottom of the article.


1. Chance the Rapper – The Man Who Has Everything

2. Sade – The Big Unknown

3. Yasmine Hamdan – Café (Acid Arab remix)

4. The Vaccines – All My Friends Are Falling In Love

5. Odezenne – Pastel

6. RY X – YaYaYa


8. Bertrand Belin – Choses Nouvelles

9. Sharon Van Etten – Jupiter 4

10. Saba – Excited

Revolver Charts 2018