Brian Eno is one of those artists whose influence can’t really be measured. To this day, his impact on music generally, and electronic music specifically is still palpable. From his work with Roxy Music, to his David Bowie and David Byrne collaborations, up to his most recent ambient algorithmic work, Eno always made sure to be one step ahead of his time. In this list, we look at his solo work, excluding most of his ambient work (Music for Airports, Discreet Music etc). Scroll down to the bottom if you wanna jump straight to the full playlist.


Put a Straw Under Baby

On Some Faraway Beach

Fat Lady of Limbourg

Everything Merges With the Night

Taking Tiger Mountain

Some of Them are Old

The Roil, the Choke

I’ll Come Running

Spider and I

Here He Comes

The Big Ship


The Belldog

Golden Hours

Here Come the Warm Jets


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