La Blogothèque is doing an incredible job with their different formats combining music and video. With ‘A Take Away Show’, they take musicians and bands and make them perform around Paris. Here is our top 10.

Let’s start with . On this ‘Take Away Show’ from 2014, the Danish pop singer-songwriter walks in three parisian streets, singing ‘Never Wanna Know’ in each of them. At first, she seems amused by the surrounding noise, but she quickly gets into it and shows us the extent of her talent. She sings so well and is so into it.

Arcade Fire

The most celebrated ‘Take Away Show’, with two songs by Canadian indie-rock band Arcade Fire. First, a special rendition of ‘Neon Bible’ in an elevator, with Richard ripping a magazine to make a sound. Then, an amazing acoustic performance of ‘Wake Up’ surrounded by the crowd during a show.

The Dø

This is the perfect music video to watch as we are entering spring. We can see the sun, the trees and the recklessness and frenchness of the band. Here again, two songs: ‘Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy’, then ‘Miracles (Back in Time)’. The Dø are great on record, but a lot of people seem to prefer these acoustic versions.


We are cheating a bit here, as it’s not really a ‘Take Away Show’ but an ‘Empty Space’ one. Nonetheless, still a great work from La Blogothèque. You can hear British band Foals performing ‘Late Night’ in an empty library: the perfect song for the perfect location.

Mac Demarco

Walking around in a local park in Paris, the Canadian artist performs two songs: ‘Still Beating’ and ‘This Old Dog’. You can really sees his character in the video, in his smiles and his interactions with people and everything that is happening around. A guy you want to be friend with.


Back to the ‘Take Away Show’! Here, Rone, french electronic musician, collaborates with Frànçois Marry from Fràncois & the Atlas Mountains and Gaspar Claus to produce this masterpiece, filmed at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

Bon Iver

Maybe the ‘Skinny Love‘ video is more beautiful musically, but this one epitomizes the ‘Take Away Show’. Justin Vernon & co walking casually in the streets of Paris, singing ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’, while unaware passerbys and local residents look incredulously.

Vampire Weekend

Another funny one, when we see the reactions of people. Ezra Kroenig & co start in the street, before going into a bar -that would be a beginning of a good joke.They sing ‘Walcott’, followed by ‘One’. We love the quality of the footage and its raw feeling, like most of the older videos by La Blogothèque (this one is from 2008).

Black Pumas

One of the recent ones, with a great new band. A band to follow closely. They sing so well together and look very close. The lights on the video are super pretty, with the trees around and the Seine close by.

Sigur Ros

To close of this top 10, a little thought for this old couple that had to leave the bar. In this version of ‘Við spilum endalaust’, we can hear the power of Jonsi’s voice, and remember the time when Kjartan was still part of the band. A special, special band.