Be Svendsen is known for giving techno a slower twist with natural elements that resonate into a rich and fulfilling musical journey. He believes that music should connect people to a bigger picture, conveying feelings and accentuating the present moment. Playing around with hypnotic, synthesized and organic sounds on top of vocals allows him to create a convenient cinematic soundscape around a moving groove.

Today, Be Svendsen is giving us the pleasure to dig through his sonic history and a bit into his playlist by curating for us a mixtape (scroll to the bottom of the article) that shines a light on the right notes that resonate with this man’s genius and what musical moments lead up to influence his sound today.


In the meantime, we’re bringing out our inner child, putting on our care-free hat, and running through the wilderness with Be Svendsen’s latest music video for MOMENTS.

‘Moments’ is an artistic collaboration between Be Svendsen and Director Dániel Rácz. In the artist’s words:

‘This film invites us on a journey towards our inner child! It aims to evoke our childhood, a time when we were free of care, marveling at nature’s playfulness, in awe of a single moment that becomes infinite when sound and light flows together hand in hand!’

‘Moments’ was created entirely with the use of outboard analogue equipment. The dogma for the session was to make a one-off capture – to document the atmosphere of the moment, and record it without any major post-changes. The video was recorded on 8mm analogue film and attempts to captures the feeling of childhood nostalgia – moments once experienced, through the younger self.

Be Svendsen – Moments



Reflecting Be Svendsen’s musical style, the playlist features artists varying from Ennio Morricone to Mulatu Astatke, Daft Punk to Khruangbin. The artist’s crosses the different genres and continents, a not so surprising fact considering the wide spectrum of sounds we heard in his previous releases


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