Before Pink Floyd became popular for their progressive albums, like The Wall and The Dark Side of the Moon which all ‘true fans’ know by heart, they were an underground band that played psychedelic rock music, making people trip balls. Syd Barrett is the guitarist/singer/songwriter who shaped the early image of Pink Floyd, with his twisted choice of lyrics and trippy music.
Here are my top 10 songs written by Syd Barrett for Pink Floyd.

By Nicole Jbeily

(Full playlist at the bottom)

10. Matilda Mother

9. The Scarecrow.

8. Lucifer Sam.

7. Pow R. Toc H.

6. Bike.

5. Jugband Blues.

4. Arnold Layne.

3. Astronomy Domine.

2. See Emily Play.

1. Interstellar Overdrive.

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