Air is perhaps the greatest music duo to emerge from France in the 21st century. Their influences range from Philipp Glass and Etienne de Crécy to Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. It’s hard to truly box their work into a specific genre, but most critics associate it with electronica, downtempo and psychedelic pop. They often experiment with trip-hop, nu jazz and ambient music.

Their songs are filled with a troubling sense of melancholia, poetic and often dreamy imagery and subtle references to 80s new wave/synth pop.

By Edwin Nasr

10. Sex Born Poison

9. La Femme d’Argent

8. Mer du Japon

7. Playground Love

6. Cherry Blossom Girl

5. Left Bank

4. Venus

3. Le Voyage de Penelope

2. Run

1. Kelly Watch the Stars



Top 5 Remixed Air Songs:

1. Sexy Boy – Remixed by Etienne de Crecy & The Flower Pistols

2. Modular Mix – Remixed by Source Direct

3. Mer du Japon – Remixed by The Teenagers

4. Surfing on a Rocket – Remixed by Joakim

5. Don’t Be Light – Remixed by Neptunes