Try these next time you go to Karaoke.

1. Roy Erikson – I walked with a zombie

“I walked with a zombie last night”

2. Silver Jews – Open Field (Maher Shalal Hash Baz cover)

“Open field with a window, open field with no child”

3. Kraftwerk – Neonlicht

“Neonlicht, schimmerndes Neonlicht

Und wenn die Nacht anbricht

Ist diese Stadt aus Licht”

4. KOZO – Osaka 70

“طيارة عمتقلب، تتغير”

5. Throbbing Gristle – Hot on the heels of love

“I’m hot on the heels of love, waiting for help from above”

6. Neil young – t-bone

“Got mashed potatoes, got mashed potatoes, got mashed potatoes, ain’t got no t-bone”

7. The Bunny Tylers – Été 91

“We dream in the sun, we tan when we can”

8. The Incompetents – Bullet Gently Dancing Over My Head

“But I’m lucky you didn’t give me a chance”

9. Babybird – There’s Something Going On

“There’s something going on but I can’t find it without you”

10 Jim O’Rourke – Prelude To 110 Or 220 / Women Of The World (Ivor Cutler cover)

“Women of the world take over, cause if you don’t the world will come to an end, and it won’t take long”

11. Scar Polish – Protein Coated Sadness

“And you’re rusting (you’re mistrusting)”