In times of revolution, music can always prove useful. While the people of Lebanon are protesting and risk getting hurt by the fascist police, all Revolver can do is provide with you a 12 songs playlist that can boil that patriotic blood in you. What’s better than getting tear gassed to the sounds of Zaki Nassif’s hopeful songs? Or watching the revolution on TV listening to Julia Boutros?

This playlist is a salute to all the young souls fighting for Lebanese people’s right to live.

(Full playlist at the bottom)

Majida El Roumi – Ya Beirut 

Julia Boutros – Nehna El Thawra


Fairuz – Li Beirut

Ghassan Saliba – Ya Ahl El Ard


Oussam Rahbani – Lazem Ghayer El Nizam

Majida El Roumi – Saqata El Kina3

Ziad Al Rahbani – Nachid El Thawra

Rabih El Khawli – Ya Natrin


Al Forsan Al Arbaa – El Zouaama Fallo Men Lebnan

Majida El Roumi – Oum Thadda



Fouad Yammine – Kel Yalleh Aam Men Oulo

Zaki Nassif – Raje3 Yet3ammar


Feel free to share in the comments any patriotic songs we forgot to mention!


Fouad Yammine – Zbeleh