You might not be attending your funeral in the traditional sense, but you want to make sure you bid your goodbyes with the right message and with some beautiful music. You will find the full playlist in the bottom if you ever decide to actually use this.

Killing me Softly

You start the ceremony by welcoming the guests to the “soft” RnB classic Killing me Softly. So far everything looks normal, a sad song is playing but that’s how funerals go, right?

Live and Let Die

It can’t stay that boring though. Since no funeral is complete without a Beatle roaming around, you show your ex-family and ex-friends that you have accepted your fate and they should just live and let you die.

I Just Died In Your Arms

Your guests knew you as a creative and original human being. It can’t be your choice to play the 80s banger I Just Died In Your Arms!

Too Much Heaven

Okay. You died, and as everyone expected, you’re in heaven. But things there get a little bit, too much.

I’m So Depressed

Heaven is boring and despite common reports, depression is widespread among heaven’s residents.

Born to Be Alive

The fact that you died before Disco did is probably the saddest thing on this day.

Walk of Life

A class funeral staple.

Stayin’ Alive

This your last scream before you give up and accept your fate.

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Reminder: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Candle in the Wind

Because if they can’t handle you when you’re alive, they deserve your musical choices when you’re dead.


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