The Velvet Underground is a 60’s Rock band from New York City. They’re well known for their friendship and work with Andy Warhol at the Factory. Yet, The Velvet Underground is more than just their masterpiece: the famous banana album with Nico (German Muse of Warhol). Even though they never met with commercial success, they’ve inspired thousands of people into starting a band, thanks to their sometimes raw oversaturated sound and sometimes Rhythm & Blues and poetry influences. In 1972, three members had already started their solo career, and the Velvet Underground ended to let Lou Reed, Nico and John Cale follow their new projects.

By Solenn Guillou (with personal introduction)

The list is in no particular order


Sunday Morning

New Age


Femme Fatale


Venus in Furs


I’m Waiting for my Man


Sweet Jane


Rock & Roll


I’m Sticking with You


The Gift          


You can listen to the playlist on YouTube here: