Led Zeppelin is arguably the greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll band of all time. They are also Led Zeppelin are one of the best-selling music artists in the history of audio recording. 2013 might witness a reunion for this band. Stay tuned!

By Ghina Yaacoub (with personal commentaries)

10 – Tangerine

This is a softer side of them, the folk side of Zeppelin, a beautiful and simple love song.

9 – Going To California

The gentle fingerpicking of the guitar accompanied with the mandolin, make it one of their “prettiest” songs written.

8 – Ramble On

The song’s intro is classic Page and the LOTR references are enough to earn it a spot on the list, not to mention Jones’ melodic bass phrases.

7 – Immigrant Song

It’s about their trip to Iceland, a masterpiece about Vikings and ships with an iconic repeating riff.

6 – Babe I’m Gonna Leave You

I love how it starts out slow then gets louder and stronger. These specific lyrics “I can hear it calling me back home” give me the chills.

5 – Whole Lotta Love

You can’t get any better than the riff here. The lyrics are pure rock n roll, sexy and utterly awesome.

4 – Stairway To Heaven

You can’t not mention this song, often referred to as the greatest rock song of all time. Page put together different bits of the guitar, and Robert came up with 80{0ab89397c598e04c77578d408e980f9d33439bf016b050562e5be9510fd7e3ba} of the lyrics as he played them. The lyrics are pure genius.

3 – Black Dog

This song screams rock n’ roll to me. The riff is one of the “sexiest”  I’ve ever heard.

2 – Kashmir

Such a powerful song. The mystical setting and haunting lyrics are a musical adventure.

1 – Since I’ve Been Loving You

I think this is the greatest display of Robert’s vocals and Jimmy’s guitar skills. The solo is the gem of this song, it’s just mesmerizing.


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