Camel is probably one of the most underrated bands in the music industry. If you’re into progressive rock bands like Alan Parsons Project, Genesis, YES or King Crimson, then you should give Camel a go. With a softer, calmer and more symphonic touch than most of the pioneer bands, Camel never achieved mass popularity but surely remains one of the most respected bands by those who appreciate good music.

By Dima A. (with personal introduction)

15. Song Within A Song (Moonmadness 1976)

14. Rhayader (Snow Goose 1975)

13. After Words (Stationary Traveler 1984)

12. Heroes (The Single Factor 1982)

11. Never Let Go (Camel 1973)

10. Landscapes (Nude 1981)

9. Drafted (Nude 1981)

8. For Today (A Nod And A Wink 2002)

7. Rajaz (Rajaz 1999)

6.  Lawrence (Rajaz 1999)

5. Long Goodbyes (Stationary Traveler 1984)

4. The Final Encore (Rajaz 1999)

3. Fingertips (Stationary Traveler 1984)

2. Stationary Traveler (Stationary Traveler 1984)

1. Ice (I Can See Your House From Here 1979)


You can listen to the playlist on YouTube here: