One of the most underrated British bands in music history. You’ll like Skunk Anansie if:
1- You’re into angry/powerful female vocals. Lead Singer “Skin” is a goddess.
2- You enjoy 90s Alternative/Punk/Indie/Hard&Sexy Rock music.

3- You think that “Post-Orgasmic Chill” is the one of the raddest album names ever!

(Playlist at the bottom)

By Myrnz (with personal introduction)

15. Search & Destroy (Iggy & The Stooges cover from the Sucker Punch soundtrack)

14. Spit You Out

“I can’t cut you out of my veins, like I know I should”

13. Weak

“Weak as I am, no tears for you”

12. My Ugly Boy

“And wherever he likes to go, the dirtiest girls will show”

11. Little Baby Swastikka

“Who put the little baby swastikka on the wall?”

10. We Don’t Need Who You Think You Are

“God licks your face”

9. Selling Jesus

“You kill me with your smelly fingers”

8. She’s my Heroine

“Fingers going down, down”

7. Secretly

“I’ve been a friend with unbiased view, then secretly lust after you”

6. You’ll Follow me Down

“Cos’ I don’t want you to forgive me”

5. Hedonism

“I wonder if you think of me at all”

4. Over the Love

“Now I can forget you cos’ I’m done”

3. Tracy’s Flaw

“I love how your world adores my gutter mind”

2. Brazen (Weep)

“You don’t bleed, and the anger builds up inside”

1. Charlie Big Potato

“I awake, from blood thick dreams, washing blame, from my knees”


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