Wes Anderson is unquestionably one of the best directors of our time. He creates his own meticulous world, one that seemingly meshes together like clockwork and fills it with characters so beautifully chaotic that you even find yourself sticking around to finish the credits. Delightfully wrapped, his soundtracks help set the perfect mood.

Enjoy the top 15 songs in Wes Anderson movies: (For best results: change your browser font to Futura and stand in a yellow symmetrical room, preferably next to Bill Murray.)


By Hiba Abou Jaoude 


15. The Proclaimers – Over And Done With (Bottle Rocket)

14. The Beach Boys – Heroes and Villains (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

13. David Bowie – Life on Mars (The Life Aquatic)

12. The Who – A Quick One While He’s Away (Rushmore

11. The Kinks – This Time Tomorrow (The Darjeeling Limited)

10. Nico – These Days (The Royal Tenenbaums) 

9. Joe Dassin – Les Champs Elysées (The Darjeeling Limited)

8. Chad and Jeremy – A Summer Song (Rushmore)

7. David Bowie – Queen Bitch (The Life Aquatic)

6. Paul Simon – Me And Julio Down By the Schoolyard (The Royal Tenenbaums)

5. Cat Stevens – Here Comes My Baby (Rushmore)

4. John Lennon – Oh Yoko (Rushmore)

3. Francoise Hardy – Le Temps De L’Amour (Moonrise Kingdom)

2. Pete Starstedt – Where Do You Go To (My Lovely) (Hotel Chevalier)

1. The Velvet Underground – Stephanie Says (The Royal Tenenbaums)


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