I discovered Tom waits accidentally when I was going through my brother’s friends’ external hard disk, and it was love at first listen. His voice combined with his brilliant melodies instilled a feeling of unfamiliar nostalgia within me which just made me sigh. He has released a total of 17 studio albums, marking his legacy over a span of almost 4 decades. Here is my top 15.

By Talar Demirdjian (with personal introduction)

15. All the World is Green

14. Hell Broke Luce

13. Ice Cream Man

12. Innocent When You Dream

11. Martha

10. Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis

9. Bad Liver and a Broken Heart

8. Invitation to the Blues

7. The Piano Has Been Drinking

6.  Green Grass

5. Closing Time

4. Sea of Love

3. Bad as Me

2. Blue Valentines

1. Alice


You can listen to the playlist on YouTube here: