Junior Boys are an electropop duo founded back in 1999 in Hamilton, Canada. Jeremy Greenspan and Johnny Dark first started the band until Dark decided to pursue other projects. After several rejections, KIN Records were impressed with their demo and asked for more work from Greenspan who, then, started collaborating with engineer Matt Didemus. The Boys continue producing music to this date with albums often accepted with acclaim. Their sound is identified as “blue-eyed electro-soul and bedroom-confessional IDM” with a hint of techno. With their sexy vocals, groovy music and witty/picturesque lyrics, Junior Boys definitely deserve more attention. Here is a subjective list of 10 tracks that stand out the most from the Boys’ discography.

10. Kiss Me All Night

9. Love Is a Fire

8. Banana Ripple

7. Teach Me How to Fight

6. Over It

5. Bits and Pieces

4. In The Morning

3. Three Words

2. Count Souvenirs

1. Parallel Lines