Worakls is a French electronic music producer. He is known for his melodic progressive techno and amazing concerts.

Salzburg, Porto, Toi, Bleu…

Electronic music isn’t really for everyone. But without taking out its spirit or beauty, Worakls makes it more accessible. Melodic techno might seem easy, but it’s not. You can see it on ‘Salzburg’: easy pattern of progression, classical eletro piece. Yet, there’s something in the xylophone, as the music progresses. Or was it the synth? It’s everything in fact, your heart is full before you realise it, and you go on a journey. Worakls does the same magic with ‘Porto‘, but with this hint of exotism. ‘Toi‘, et ‘Bleu‘ are others of our favorites. It’s amazing how simple his pieces seem to be, yet it’s not your regular EDM. If you are already hooked, some of my less famous favorites: ‘Cerisier Blanc‘, ‘Elea‘ and ‘From Now On‘.

Adagio for Square and live

‘Adagio for Square’. The link between Worakls at his best musically and at his best during his shows. The progression on this one is really good. I very much like how he uses syncopation. It’s also a lot of fans favorite, and always an epic moment during his live shows. It’s the time of the set where everyone goes down, down, stay down and BOOM! Up with the drop and explosion of emotion and love. Worakls live is pure love. He doesn’t just press buttons, although he would be entitled to. He also plays piano/synth live. Having seen him once, you could feel the energy, happiness. Smiles everywhere, people dancing everywhere.

As much as all of the above songs are beautiful, Worakls can also go harder live. The closing tracks when I saw him were ‘Pandemonium‘, which is exactly what you think it is, and ‘Crow‘, the dnb song of the last album (see below). At the beginning of the set, you can also hear ‘Question Réponse‘, which immediatly puts the crowd in the mood.

Worakls Orchestra

What makes him special? For one, he comes from a background of classical music. Having learnt the piano at a very young age. We could hear that on his music throughout the year, but Worakls went even further. He recorded a whole album and toured with an orchestra. It’s incredible. It’s real, not a marketing trick. They seem to enjoy playing even more than him. It looses a bit the craziness of a small moshpit in a club, but gains musically and in the experience. As incredible as it sounds, yes ‘Crow’ was from this album. Other gems include ‘Cloches’ indeed, but also ‘Detached Motion‘ and ‘Nikki‘.

Hungry Music

Worakls is amazing on his own. Imagine if there were other Worakls and they all remixed each others? Well, that is the case with N’to, Joachim Pastor and more recently Joris Delacroix. They are all under the same label, Hungry Music, and sometimes play as a band. Every one of them is super talented. One of my favorite eletro song ever is ‘Alter Ego‘ by N’to. ‘La Clé des Champs‘ is also spectacular. From Joachim Pastor, I highly recommend ‘Reykjavik‘ , and from Joris Delacroix ‘Stay‘.

What’s even better, is the remixes they do of each others. The ‘Trauma’ remix of Worakls (original by N’to) is one of his best work ever, also among the most popular. His ‘Joda‘ remix (original by Joachim Pastor) is not as popular, but it’s also one of his best. Laidback, chill, sunny electro.

To conclude: a compilation video of Worakls, live, with the orchestra, playing ‘Adagio for Square’.

PS: Worakls often go live on instagram to play music or do Q&As. @woraklshm